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  • I used to have a very negative opinion about you, but once I got to socialize and speak with you one-on-one, my views were dramatically changed. I genuinely appreciate your knowledge, work ethic, and openness to discussion. It's refreshing.

  • I'm also someone that no one likes and I relate to u wish I had the courage to say hi because you seem so loyal and kind and good to your friends :[

  • i really like seeing you around. your posts are funny and i think we hold a lot of the same ideals. at first i thought you were really mean BUT now i know that's not the case. i wish i had the guts to talk to you cause you seem like an amazing friend to have

  • Others may not like you but I do tbh

  • You're amazing, bold, brave and you've got dogs! I think you don't like me at times but you're a good person